Mount Sterling, KY

The official motto can convey a great deal about a town. Mount Sterling’s motto is, “Ringing with Unity and Pride.” Community pride is particularly evident in the beautifully preserved buildings and well-maintained pavements in the downtown area. When property owners in Mount Sterling, KY need concrete repairs, asphalt paving, parking lot maintenance, crack repairs, asphalt overlays or sealcoating, they know that they can count on APM for superior workmanship.

Early explorers in the area made note of a tree-covered mound that was 125 feet in height. The mound was dubbed Little Mountain; subsequent excavations revealed that it was an ancient burial site. When developer Hugh Forbes arrived in the area in 1790 and began selling lots to create a permanent settlement, he named the new town after Little Mountain and a Scottish town called Stirling. When the Kentucky Assembly officially established the town, the name was misspelled as Mount Sterling.

In 1796, Montgomery County was created and Mount Sterling was made the county seat. The town consisted of three taverns, four stores and 33 lots. Shortly thereafter, a courthouse and jail were built and a town pump was installed. By 1800, Mount Sterling had 83 residents and at least three churches.

As far back as the 18th century, Mount Sterling was an important commercial center in the area. Fresh produce and other goods were bought and sold in a newly constructed market house. This quickly evolved into Court Day, an annual event that continues to this day. Every October, more than 100,000 people descend on Mount Sterling from all over the country to sell and shop as well as enjoy musical performances and culinary delights.

As of 2015, the population of Mount Sterling was estimated to exceed 7,200, an increase of more than 2,200 people since 1970 and more than 1,300 since the year 2000. As a result of the growth, property owners in Mount Sterling require a variety of paving services.

• Asphalt Paving: When new parking lots and streets need to be constructed, asphalt is often a popular choice for the pavement. Asphalt overlays are frequently applied to existing pavements to prolong their useful life. This category also includes the installation of speed bumps as well as asphalt milling and reclamation. See more about Asphalt Paving
• Sealcoating: When included in an effective program of preventive maintenance, sealcoating can often double the life of asphalt pavement. Sealcoating helps protect against the UV rays and leaked automotive fluids that can deteriorate asphalt pavement. Sealcoating also enhances the appearance of asphalt pavement. See more about Asphalt Sealcoating
• Asphalt Repairs: Timely repairs are vital if you want to obtain the maximum life from your asphalt pavement. Cracks and potholes allow water to reach the pavement’s base, eroding and destabilizing it. Extensive cracking will soon occur, requiring costly repairs. See more about Asphalt Repair
• Concrete Services: Concrete parking lots, sidewalks, curbs, ADA ramps, walkways and loading ramps need to be maintained if they are to perform well. Cracks should be professionally repaired, and if needed, patches can be installed. See more about Concrete Services

At APM, we provide our services to a diverse group of customers. In fact, there is virtually no industry we do not serve. Our customers include municipalities, churches, schools, apartment complexes, subdivisions, retailers, shopping centers, HOAs, office parks, industrial facilities, restaurants, manufacturers, hotels and recreational venues.

APM delivers superior work at reasonable prices, ensuring that our customers receive the most value for their money. We have over 35 years of industry experience and are dedicated to exceeding your expectations. APM offers an extensive range of services in Mount Sterling, KY, including sealcoating, asphalt paving, concrete repair, asphalt overlays, parking lot striping, concrete curbing, asphalt repair, pavement markings and parking lot maintenance. To receive a free quote, fill out our online form or call (859) 299-8111.

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