Local Business Owner Needs Asphalt Repair

Local Business Owner Needs Asphalt Repair

At APM Paving we are proud to be a top asphalt contractor in Louisville, Kentucky.  We strive to provide the best customer experience for each and every one of our clients. With a dedication to diligence and customer service, we are the asphalt company that you can trust.

Our crew recently received an online quote request from a local business owner. He was looking for asphalt repair in Louisville. We contacted the business owner to further determine his specific needs. After speaking with him, he informed us that his parking lot was experiencing severe cracking. He was concerned that it could get worse. We assured him that we could provide the necessary parking lot repair.

We visited the local business to evaluate the condition of the asphalt surface. After thoroughly examining the parking lot, it was clear that it was experiencing severe alligator cracking throughout. We developed an asphalt repair plan that included parking lot paving and parking lot maintenance.  After providing an estimate, the client was pleased and we agreed to begin the asphalt paving the following week.

 Work on the parking lot repair job began promptly the next week. We began with a pavement overlay. We applied a layer of bitumen to the existing asphalt layer. This would help to revitalize the asphalt surface, as well as effectively seal the numerous cracks. We then applied a layer of sealant, sealcoating the entire parking lot. This extra layer would help to prevent foreign materials and liquids from entering the asphalt surface. Finally, we restriped the parking lot for the business owner, providing an extra two parking spaces for his customers.

At the end of the project, we spoke with the business owner and laid out a comprehensive parking lot maintenance plan. This would help to extend the life of his asphalt surface and protect his investment.