Somerset, KY

Steeped in history and surrounded by a diverse range of natural beauty, Somerset is a popular destination for tourists. Given the importance of tourism to the local economy, city officials, homeowners and businesses rely on asphalt pavement to help make a good first impression on visitors and keep them coming back. Somerset, KY residents know that asphalt pavement is fast to install and maintain, provides an extremely smooth ride, is long-lasting, looks great and is very cost-effective. Whether they need asphalt paving, crack repair, sealcoating, asphalt curbing, parking lot striping, asphalt milling, bumper blocks or any other asphalt-related service, they also know that they can count on APM for extraordinary results at affordable prices.


Somerset was named for the county in New Jersey that had been the home of several early settlers who first arrived in 1798. Within four years, the town had become the county seat of Pulaski County, which was formed from parts of Green and Lincoln counties in 1798.

Just west of Somerset lies the Mills Springs Battlefield, the historic site of an important battle during the Civil War. In late October, visitors enjoy the Ghost Walk, strolling a torch-lit path through the battlefield as re-enactors relate tales of the battle. A museum and visitors’ center is situated next to the Mill Springs National Cemetery. The visitors’ center is home to a library that offers a large collection of research books and Civil War materials; the library is open to anyone with an interest in Civil War history.

The landscape around Somerset is as varied as it is scenic. The city itself is on the edge of Pennyroyal Plateau, while the Bluegrass region lies to the north and the Eastern Kentucky Coalfield is to the east. However, one of the most popular destinations in the area is Lake Cumberland. Covering more than 65,500 acres and with over 1,250 miles of shoreline, the lake is home to two state parks. General Burnside State Park is nestled in the middle of the lake on an island, and the Lake Cumberland State Resort Park is on the lake’s northern shore. The lake is a popular destination for fishing, tubing, boating and other water sports.

We provide services to customers in many different industries. Our customer base includes municipalities, office parks, apartment complexes, churches, condominium associations, industrial facilities, schools, retailers and commercial property managers and owners. Some of our services include:

Paved surfaces in Somerset span a wide range of ages and materials. The most common services required by property owners in the city are detailed below.

• Concrete Work: This category includes the repair and installation of ADA-compliant ramps, concrete parking lots, sidewalks, driveways, concrete curbing, loading ramps and walkways. Concrete patching and crack repair are two common services needed in Somerset.  See more about Concrete Services
• Asphalt Paving: This broad category includes the construction of new asphalt roads and parking lots, the installation of asphalt overlays, asphalt milling and the installation of speed bumps.  See more about Asphalt Paving
• Asphalt Repair: The most common type of repair for asphalt pavement is the filling of cracks. Repairing breaks in asphalt pavement is also one of the most important. Breaks allow water beneath the pavement, leading to the erosion of the foundation that supports the weight of the pavement and its load. Once the foundation becomes unstable, the only way to repair it is to remove the pavement, rebuild the foundation and repave the area. This is much more expensive than having repairs made promptly.  See more about Asphalt Repair
• Sealcoating: Although some people believe that sealcoating is simply a cosmetic treatment for asphalt pavement, the primary benefit lies in the protective properties of sealants. Sealcoating helps prevent the premature deterioration of asphalt pavement by guarding against damages caused by the sun’s rays and chemicals such as oil and other automotive fluids.  See more about Asphalt Sealcoating


For over 35 years, APM has been serving customers throughout most of Central Kentucky. APM is a full-service asphalt paving company offering conventional as well as a variety of specialty services in Somerset, KY. We are known for our craftsmanship, responsiveness and professionalism. Our crew members are highly qualified and cross-trained to ensure that every employee has the ability to deliver quality work on every job.

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