Commercial Asphalt Paving: Project Requirements

Why choose a commercial paving contractor?

Many Americans are accustomed to the “age of specialization.” Physicians often specialize in a particular age group, part of the body or illness. Auto repair shops sometimes specialize in particular makes of vehicles. Some dog groomers specialize in certain breeds. Computer programmers may specialize in mobile applications, websites or robotics.

Even some asphalt paving companies choose to specialize in residential paving. If you need a commercial paving project, however, you do not want to hire a contractor who only knows how to install residential pavement. No matter how satisfied homeowners have been with his services or how many years he has been in business, the chances are excellent that he lacks the expertise to handle a commercial asphalt paving project. There are simply too many variances between commercial and residential paving.

Expert Project Management

The scope of a commercial paving project can be overwhelming to an inexperienced contractor. There are many details that must be addressed on a large project that do not arise when installing a residential driveway or other small project. For example, a commercial project is going to require the careful coordination of asphalt deliveries. If the asphalt does not arrive quickly enough, the contractor’s crew will be left idle and the wasted time could delay the completion of the project. However, if the asphalt arrives too quickly, the contractor may feel rushed and cut corners, resulting in inferior work.

Commercial Paving equipment is required

On larger commercial projects, the contractor will need more equipment than for a residential project. For example, a residential paving contractor may not have a paving machine of the right size or additional rollers if the job requires more than one. Without the proper equipment, the quality of the work can suffer. Furthermore, if the equipment is not maintained properly, it could fail during the project, resulting in delays.

Selecting materials for the project's demands

The choice of materials used for commercial asphalt paving projects may vary from the materials used for residential paving. The contractor will need to make a decision on the best material to use for the base, the asphalt mix to use for the base course, whether to use tack coat and the appropriate asphalt mix to use for the surface course. All of the materials should work together to create a strong, resilient pavement that will provide many years of use.

Ensuring proper surface water drainage

Proper drainage extends from the base to the surface of the pavement. One important aspect is the surface drainage. On a driveway, this can usually be accomplished by simply ensuring that the surface slopes sufficiently and in the proper direction. However, although slope is important for commercial pavements also, slope alone may not allow proper drainage. Experienced contractors can tell you how many catch basins or storm drains you will need to ensure good drainage as well as whether gutters and/or curbs will be needed.

Ongoing care and preventative maintenance

Asphalt pavement needs to receive proper maintenance to reach its full potential. An experienced commercial paving contractor will be able to tell you what you need to know about preventive maintenance and repairs. He will know the types of problems that you are likely to encounter and ways to protect your pavement investment.

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