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Your partner for aspects of asphalt management services and resources, including assessments, budgeting, design/build, and ADA consulting.

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Paving assessment for efficient maintenance for asphalt management and property management professionals

Take control of your asphalt maintenance costs. Budget better.

Introducing a 4-step tool to start using your funds proactively.

Longer Service Life
When properly maintained, your asphalt parking lot and commercial asphalt can last twice as long.
Saved vs. Traditional
Our Built to Last approach to asphalt maintenance costs have saved significantly more than traditional management strategies.
Years of Experience
Trusted since 1982 to maintain commercial asphalt for Central Kentucky.

Do paving problems outpace your current maintenance budget? 

Balancing your spending between ongoing maintenance, emergency repairs and long term replacement funding can be difficult. How can you be confident you are spending your limited funds on the things that provide the highest value?

Do you find yourself:
Stuck in the 'Fire Drill' spending cycle
Unsure about what needs to be fixed first
Wondering about your asphalt's real condition
Operating with an unrealistic budget
Lacking clear long term budgeting plans

Why use our Built to Last management approach?

Control Your Budgets
Start controlling how and when you spend, with a proactive budget that will actually save your organization money.
Maximize Each Dollar's Value
When you invest funds into the right maintenance at the right time, you maximize the return on that investment.
Sustainable Planning
Together we create a plan that works for your organization's goals. That roadmap that will guide your annual spending for years.
Do More with Less
Many partners face problems outpacing their budget. Together we create a phased plan that fits them now and later.
Our Built to Last Tool

Asphalt management,
now made easier.

Now is the time to take control of your management budget with our proven, 4-step tool.

Step 1

Together we develop your pavement philosophy & goals.

Step 2

We quantitatively assess your pavement resources on site.

Step 3

We design a maintenance budget that fits you.

Step 4

We flawlessly implement the plan to your exact specs.

Dump truck hauling asphalt for APM Paving
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