Maintenance & Repair

Make your asphalt last longer and look better.

Regular preventative service that both protects your paving resources and improves the visuals and safety of your parking lots.

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Southland Christian ChurchCracker Barrel Old Country Store
Fresh sealcoat on parking lot with crack seal and handicap or ADA compliant striping
Commercial Paving Maintenance

Our most popular asphalt maintenance & repair services

We understand that asphalt maintenance takes many different forms. We use a variety of modern methods to keep your asphalt in the best condition possible for as long as possible.


Protect pavement from nature's elements, normal wear, and chemicals like oils that leak from vehicles.

Crack Sealing

Cracks allow water into your asphalt. Proper crack sealing stops this. It's an easy way to protect your asphalt lifespan.

Crack Sealing
Asphalt Repair

Fix trouble spots of all sizes in your parking lots and asphalt resources efficiently with modern solutions.

Asphalt Repair
Parking lot crack sealing contractor fixing asphalt cracks and preparing for seal coat.
Built to Last Program

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Our Built to Last Program includes:
Existing condition assessment
Clear recommendations for your goals
Scoping & budgeting for immediate needs
Recommendations for future budget planning
Seamless implementation and management
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Which issue do you need to address first?

Surface Problems
Potholes and cracks are visible signs of wear that need attention immediately. Any raveling and alligator cracking will also need to be addressed properly in order to be fixed.
Aesthetic & Safety
Depending on your organization's goals, your parking lot may require special attention paid to visual quality and visitor experience, with health and safety issues related to ADA requirements being some of the most important.
Subsurface & Drainage
The quiet enemies of parking lots are subsurface water and drainage issues. It can often take a professional eye to spot water issues that could be causing other problems or degrading your parking lot's condition from underneath.
Striping & Signage Issues
Properly communicating traffic flow or providing clear signage means assessing its condition and making sure it meets the needs of your visitors and the guidelines for accessibility.
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Trusted to maintain your business' asphalt since 1982 here in Kentucky.

Asphalt maintenance service done right will help protect your asphalt resources and help you maximize your return on investment. Let our sealcoating professionals show you the APM difference with their attention to detail and expert knowledge. We are Kentucky's top commercial sealcoating and asphalt maintenance pros. Let us show you why.

Dedicated sealcoating & striping crews
Modern installation methods & materials
Customized maintenance plans
Sealcoat applied via squeegee application as contractor cuts in around wheel stop in parking lot

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Spraying parking lot striping for ADA requirements
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