Asphalt Restoration & Replacement

Let's make your asphalt last as long as possible.

When your parking lot ages, we help keep it in the best condition possible with partial or total asphalt restoration options.

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Industrial asphalt restoration in progress with partial depth milling machine
Commercial Asphalt Restoration Specialists

Our commercial asphalt restoration & replacement services

As parking lots age, its important that the right attention is paid to areas that need help. We believe asphalt repair and restoration services help to increase the lifespan of an aging parking lot. Let us help you identify which services best suit your parking lot's needs. See how so many businesses keep their asphalt investment lasting longer.

Asphalt Overlay

Adding an additional thin layer of asphalt to an existing surface without subsurface issues or significant problems.

Asphalt Overlay
Milling & Paving

Removal of partial or full depth of asphalt material and then replacing with new asphalt to match the existing depth.

Mill and Pave

Parking lot restoration is suited for when subsurface issues need to be addressed before a new top coat can be applied.

Retail shopping center parking lot and roundabout with phase one overlay
Built to Last Program

Need help budgeting for asphalt restoration or replacement?

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Our Built to Last Program includes:
Existing Condition Assessment
Clear recommendations for your goals
Scoping & budgeting for immediate needs
Recommendations for future budget planning
Seamless implementation and management
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How would you describe your pavement's condition?

Surface Problems
Potholes and cracks are visible signs of wear that need attention immediately. But also ravelling and alligator cracking will need to be addressed properly to be fixed.
Few problem spots
Depending on your organization's goals, your parking lot may require special attention paid to visual quality and visitor experience. Particularly, health and safety issues related to ADA requirements.
Several areas need attention
The quiet enemy of parking lots subsurface water and drainage issues. It can often take a professional eye to spot water issues that could be causing other problems or degrading your parking lot's condition from underneath.
Total Replacement Likely
Wide spread quality or structural issues are present and will bring further deterioration of your asphalt. Full depth milling and repaving may be necessary if you think your parking lot is reaching the end of its lifespan.
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Your business's asphalt is an investment. We help deliver ROI.

If you have a parking lot that is aging, simply waiting to replace it may not be your most cost effective option. We work with you to determine your goals for your property and we create a strategy for management that keeps your budgets intact and your investment in your asphalt resources efficient. For 40 years, we have been helping businesses get more from their parking lots. Let us show you how.

Asphalt restoration and repair options
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Sealcoat applied via squeegee application as contractor cuts in around wheel stop in parking lot

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